Consumables are important in PvE in Vanilla WoW, which will boost your performance and make the fights a lot easier. This guide is an extensive list of consumables for mages in PvE.

Not all consumable listed here are required all the time in PvE, but the list will give you an overview of what you can use. This list is based on the exceptional spreadsheet by Taladril.

BuffsStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Rallying Cry of the Dragonslayer10% Spell Crit, 5% Melee and Ranged Crit, 140 AP120NoBe at Stormwind when the head of Onyxia or Nefarion is turned in
Spirit of Zandalar15% Stats and 10% Movement Speed120NoBe at the Isle of Zandalar when someone turns in the heart of Hakkar
Sayge's Dark Fortune of Damage1 - 10% Damage120NoAnswer: Slay the man | Execute your friend painfully
Sayge's Dark Fortune of Intelligence10% Intellect120NoAnswer: Turn him over to liege | Show not so quiet defiance
Sayge's Dark Fortune of Spirit10% Spirit120NoAnswer: Let him go and have the corn | Take credit, share the gold
Mol'dar's Moxie15% Stamina120YesDire Maul N: Tribute (Mol'dar)
Songflower Serenade5% Melee, Ranged, or Spell Crit and +15 Stats60YesFelwood: Cleanse a Corrupted Songflower
Traces of Silithyst5% Damage30NoCollecte a Geyser and return to your faction's turn in point
Resist Fire83 Fire Resistance60YesIn BRS Mind Control a Scarshield Spellbinder
Blessing of Blackfathom5 Intellect, 5 Spirit, 15 Frost Damage60NoIn BFD click the orb in Gelihast's Room
Headmaster's Charge20 Intellect15YesGiven to party members by using Headmaster's Charge (10 min CD)
FlasksStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Flask of Supreme Power150 Spell Damage120NoPersists through death
Flask of the Titans1200 Health120NoPersists through death
Consumable BuffsStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Spirit of ZanzaSpirit +50 Stamina +50 (Overwrites Lung Juice Cocktail)120NoUnique | Persists through death
Cerebral Cortex Compound25 Intellect60NoUnique | 60 min Cooldown | Blasted Lands: Infallible Mind Quest
Gizzard Gum25 Spirit60NoUnique | 60 min Cooldown | Blasted Lands: Spiritual Domination Quest
Lung Juice Cocktail25 Stamina (Overwrites Spirit of Zanza)60NoUnique | 60 min Cooldown | Blasted Lands: Spirit of the Boar Quest
Greater Arcane Elixir35 Spell Damage60No 
Elixir of Greater Firepower40 Fire Spell Damage30No 
Elixir of Frost Power15 Frost Spell Damage30No 
Mageblood Potion12 Mana every 5 seconds60No 
Elixir of Fortitude120 Health60No 
Greater Arcane Protection PotionAbsorbs 1950 - 3251 Arcane Damage60NoShares a cooldown with potions. Drink before combat.
Greater Fire Protection PotionAbsorbs 1950 - 3251 Fire Damage60NoShares a cooldown with potions. Drink before combat.
Greater Frost Protection PotionAbsorbs 1950 - 3251 Frost Damage60NoShares a cooldown with potions. Drink before combat.
Greater Nature Protection PotionAbsorbs 1950 - 3251 Nature Damage60NoShares a cooldown with potions. Drink before combat.
Greater Shadow Protection PotionAbsorbs 1950 - 3251 Shadow Damage60NoShares a cooldown with potions. Drink before combat.
Juju ChillFrost Resistance +1510NoRequires Cache of Mau'ari to be in inventory to use
Juju EmberFire Resistance +1510NoRequires Cache of Mau'ari to be in inventory to use
FoodStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Nightfin Soup8 Mana every 5 seconds10No 
Runn Tum Tuber Surprise10 Intellect10No 
Blessed Sunfruit Juice10 Spirit10NoMust be Revered with Argent Dawn
Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops25 Stamina15No 
Kreeg's Stout Beatdown25 Spirit, -5 Intellect15NoPurchase from Stomper Kreeg, Dire Maul N: Tribute
Rumsey Rum Black Label15 Stamina15No 
Gordok Green Grog10 Stamina15NoPurchase from Stomper Kreeg, Dire Maul N: Tribute
Weapon BuffsStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Brilliant Wizard Oil36 Spell Damage 1% Spell Crit30No5 Charges | Persists through death
Battle BuffsStatsCooldown (mins)DispellableNotes
Major Mana PotionRestores 1350 - 2251 Mana2No 
Major Healing PotionRestores 1050 - 1751 Health2No 
Major Rejuvenation PotionRestores 1440 - 1761 Mana and Health2No 
Restorative PotionRemoves 1 magic, curse, poison, or disease for 30 sec2Yes 
Limited Invulnerability PotionImmune to physical attacks for 6 seconds2Yes 
Mana RubyRestores 1000 - 1201 Mana2No 
Mana CitrineRestores 775 - 926 Mana2No 
Mana JadeRestores 550 - 651 Mana2No 
Mana AgateRestores 375 - 426 Mana2No 
Dark RuneRestores 900 - 1501 Mana at the cost of 600 - 1001 Health2NoDrops in Scholomance
Demonic Rune (soulbound)Restores 900 - 1501 Mana at the cost of 600 - 1001 Health2NoDrops from demons in DM E, Winterspring, Felwood, and Azshara
Major HealthstoneRestores 1440 Health2NoUnique | Created by Warlocks
Lily RootRestores 525 - 676 Mana and 525 - 676 Health2NoConjured by Lei of Lilies (60 min Cooldown) Can have multiple lilys
Night Dragon's BreathRestores 394 - 457 Mana and 394 - 457 Health2No 
Whipper Root TuberRestores 700 - 901 Health2No 
Crystal RestoreRestores 670 Health over 15 sec3YesUn'Goro Crater: Northern Pylon
Heavy Runecloth BandageRestores 2000 Health over 8 sec1Interruptable 
Elixir of Poison ResistanceCured of up to four poisons up to level 600No 
Powerful Anti-VenomCured of poisons up to level 601No 
Crystal YieldDecrease target enemy armor by 200 for 2 min (Overwrites Faerie Fire)1YesUn'Goro Crater: Western Pylon
Stratholme Holy WaterInflicts 438 - 562 Damage to Undead in a 10 yd radius1NoFound in Supply Crates in Stratholme
Crystal ChargeInflicts 383 - 518 Fire Damage in a 3 yd radius1NoUn'Goro Crater: Northern Pylon
Oil of ImmolationInflicts 50 Fire Damage in a 5 yd radius every 3 sec for 15 sec0.05Yes 
EngineeringStatsCooldown (mins)DispellableNotes
Gnomish Battle ChickenSummons a chicken that fights for 2 minutes30NoChicken will occasionally buff the party with Battle Squawk when attacking
Explosive SheepSheep will charge at an enemy and explode for 135 - 166 damage1NoLasts 3 minutes or until it explodes
Goblin Land MinePlace a mine on the ground that explodes for 394 - 507 fire damage when passed near1No10 second arming time
Goblin Sapper ChargeExplodes dealing 450 - 751 Fire damage to all nearby and 375 - 626 to you5NoActivates 1 min cooldown for bombs and grenades
Arcane BombDrains 675 - 1126 mana and does 50% of mana drained in damage and silences for 5 sec1No 
Dark Iron BombInflicts 225 - 676 Fire damage and stuns targets in a 5 yard radius for 4 sec1No 
Thorium GrenadeInflicts 300 - 501 Fire damage and stuns targets in a 3 yard radius for 3 sec1No 
MiscellaneousStatsDuration (mins)DispellableNotes
Noggenfogger Elixir 10YesEither turns you into a skeleton, shrinks you, or is slowfall
Savory Deviate Delight 60YesEither turns you into a ninja or a pirate
Summonable Battle PetsStatsCooldown (mins)ChargesNotes
Ancient Cornerstone GrimoireSummons a skeleton that fights for 1 minute15-Skeleton will remain if book is unequipped
Book of the DeadSummons a skeleton that fights for 1 minute15-Skeleton will remain if book is unequipped
Thornling SeedPlants a Thornling which attracts nearby enemies151Thornling does not move
Dog WhistleSummons a tracking hound that fights for 10 minutes103Unique
Spiked CollarSummons a guardian felhunter that fights for 60 minutes-1Unique