Blizzard announced that they are going to make a WoW Classic server. They have not told us when they will release, but some speculate that WoW Classic will be released late 2019. While you wait for WoW Classic you can play on so called private servers (or Vanilla WoW). At the time of writing some of the more known private servers are Light's Hope, Kronos and Elysium Project.

How to Install WoW 1.12.1

Most of the vanilla WoW uses a backend which supports the WoW 1.12.1 client. Here are the steps required to play WoW on a private server:

  1. Create an user on one of the private servers. Light's Hope, Kronos, Elysium Project.
  2. Download the 1.12.1 client. The client can be downloaded here.
  3. Once you have downloaded the client you have to change the realmlist. Open the folder where the WoW client is installed. Locate a file called This file contains a single line which looks something like this set realmlist If you want to play on elysium you change this line to set realmlist and to set realmlist if you want to play on Kronos.
  4. You are now set to play on a private server and you can click on the .exe file added on your desktop to start the WoW client.

Improve Your User Interface

After you start playing you will start to notice that the user interface(UI) is quite limited. Addons can be installed to improve the UI. Addons are outside the scope of this post and can be found in this post.