Leveling in Vanilla WoW is a journey in itself. Some like to take their time and others like to make it as quick as possible. In this post we will look at how you can improve your leveling speed. This guide is not meant for people who wants to speed level, but rather people who wants to be a bit more efficient. If you want to speed level you should check out the great guide by Joana.

To start off you should have a dedicated alt character located in one of the major cities. When you are leveling you want to avoid having to travel back and forth between your leveling location and your major city to sell items on the auction house. Instead you can send the items to your alt character. Then you can log in and sell all the items. Another reason to have a bank/auction alt is to increase your bag space.

Mounts are available at lvl 40 and will increase your leveling speed considerably. Money is hard to come by in vanilla and most people can't afford a mount when they reach lvl 40. However, there are a few tricks you can use while leveling to make easier to afford a mount at level 40. First of you don't need all of your abilities while you level, and some are not useful until you reach level 60 and start raiding. Next time you visit a class trainer you can skip the abilities you don't need and buy them once you reach level 60 instead.

Unless you are a mage you should always have proper food and drink in your backpack. As soon as you can use a higher level food and water you should change. New food and drink is available at the levels 15, 25, 35, 45 and 55. Faster mana and health regeneration means less downtime while leveling.

Each class have talent builds which are more optimized for leveling. Without going into specifics, you often want your talents to maximize survivability and minimizing downtime. Later, when you reach level 60 you can respec talents to optimize for PvP or PvE.