The default user interface(UI) in Vanilla WoW have limited functionality. Addons can make the UI better and help you automate simple tasks. When was the last time you forgot to repair while vendoring items?

There exists many useful addons which is specific to class, professions, PvE and PvP. In this guide we will focus on the general addons which most people will find useful.

  • Atlas - Advanced map features
  • Aux - Useful addon for the auction house
  • BananaBar - Add an easier interface to click on targets
  • KLHThreatMeter - Very important addon in Vanilla. It keeps track of everyone's threat
  • LazyPig - Automates tasks such as auto repair
  • LunaUnitFrames - Enables the UI to be customized a lot
  • pfQuest - Marks locations of quests, herbs, ores, vendors and so on
  • Postal - Adds more advanced features when you accesses the mail
  • Questie - Shows you the location of quest objectives

How to Install the Addons

If you want to make sure the addons are up to date you have to download each addon from their Github repository. Here you have a list on how to install an addon from Github.

  1. Click on the Clone or download button  and then on Download  ZIP
  2. Unzip the folder
  3. Remove the master part from the folder name. E.g LunaUnitFrames-master to LunaUnitFrames
  4. Locate the folder where your Vanillo WoW client is installed
  5. Copy the addon folder into Interface/AddOns
  6. Start your WoW client and login to your account
  7. In your character screen, locate the AddOns button in the buttom left corner
  8. Make sure all your addons are checked
  9. Increase the addon memory. The default addon memory setting is a bit low and might make your addons crash. Click on Script Memory (MB) field and change the value to 500 MB. 500 MB should be enough for most people


Atlas is very useful as it can show all the loot obtainable from different instances and raids. Before you go to an instance you can check out what kind of gear you need from the instance. More useful functions are:

  • Dungoen maps
  • Raid maps
  • Flightpath maps for both factions
  • Map of the entrace to every dungoen and raid
  • Battleground maps
  • Worl bosses


Aux delivers a more advanced UI for the auction house. At times you want to buy a lot of materials and you want to buy for the lowest price possible. Aux let you list an item ordered by the price per item. Another neat function is that Aux can post multiple stack for you on the auction house. If you use the default action UI you have to post each stack manually.


When you are in a group the leader will often mark the targes to let everyone in the group know what to kill and in which order. At times it can be hard to find the correct mob. With BananaBar you can click the figure and it will automatically highlight the correct target for you.


Credits: Linae-Kronos. Image taken from the Github page.

In Vanilla WoW threat is management is important. When you are in a group you always want the tank to have the Aggro. If you want to avoid aggro you have to have some kind of threat meter. KLHThreatMeter is a very simple one and will suffice for most players. Remember to always have less threat than the tank.


In the Zul'Gurub raid there will be a lot of items which will be rolled for. LazyPig can remove all the roll spam from the chat. You can also make LazyPig automatically accept invites from guild mates and friends. This addon becomes more useful later, especially in the end game content.


LunaUnitFrames lets you customize the size, color, and position of the player UI. Type `/luna menu` in chat, and to `Config Mode` to start customizing the layout to your own preference.


pfQuest's database search

pfQuest helps you find herb locations, mining locations, NPC and vendors. If you prefer pfQuest, you can replace Questie with pfQuest. You should atleast have a quest tracker installed.


Some tasks can be tedious to do. E.g after selling multiple items on the auction house you have to open each mail to recieve the money from the auction. With Postal this process can be automated. In addition Postal can send multiple stacks of items for you in one go. The default mailbox UI only lets you send one stack at a time.

With postal you can automate the process of sending multiple items


Questie lets you know where to go to get your quest item

Questie is most likely the most important addon in this guide. In Vanilla WoW you don't get any information on the map on where to get your quest items. With Questie you are shown the exact location of your quest items. Questie also marks the location of possible quests.