Blizzard just released information about World of Warcraft Classic launch on their website. WoW Classic will be released on August 27 this year. Together with the announcement Blizzard release the exact login schedule depending on where in the world you are playing from. In the table below you can see the exact times around the world.

America (PDT) Europe (CEST) Taiwan (CST) Korea (KST) ANZ (AEST) UTC
15:00 00:00 06:00 07:00 08:00 22:00
August 26 August 27 August 27 August 27 August 27 August 26
Source: Blizzard

Classic WoW Beta Testing

From May 15th selected players may be invited to a closed beta test. To be able to be selected for the beta test you need to opt in through blizzards Account Management. Make sure you check off for World of Warcraft Classic. Later Blizzard will open for more players to stress test their servers. The stress test will happen over three different time frames:

  • Stress test 1: Wednesday May 22 - Thursday May 23
  • Stress test 2: Wednesday June 19 - Thursday June 20
  • Stress test 3: Thursday July 18 - Friday July 19

Account Creation

To secure your in game character names you can login on August 13 to create characters. You can secure up to three characters per WoW account.

For more information read the news post from Blizzard over at Blizzard's website.